Full Body Training

Full Body Training

healthme is passionate about helping you to become a healthier version of you. To achieve long term change we work with you and create exercise and nutrition plans that match your likes, dislikes, routines and end goals. Our coaching is regularly monitored, flexible, supported by social networks, based on industry research and conducted in safe environments by knowledgeable professionals.

Full body coaching is an in-depth transformation programme that is aimed at creating sustainable change within 12 weeks.

In 3 months you will go through intensive reviews of current routines, exercise, a change of direction for your nutrition habits and you will develop a tailored plan that will enable you to continue on your journey after the 3 month programme. 

The package costs £1,650 and consists of:

  • In-depth Consultation
  • Nutrition report and nutrition planning
  • 2 x Meal prep and shopping session
  • 36 x 45 minute exercise sessions
  • Plan to go forward with post transformation

Your programme may include:

  • Meeting before or after work to complete training around your commute
  • Quick and intensive workouts at your place of work or residence to save on time
  • Short or long runs or bike rides on before, during or after work or on weekends
  • Desk and household exercise plans
  • Tuition in meal preparation, fridge and cupboard auditing, a review of habits and family mealtimes, online food shopping and/or recipe planning
  • A review of gym memberships and group class involvement
  • In-depth discussions on how to reset and build new routines and sleep
  • Finding and then training for challenges (perhaps together) e.g. dry January, Tough Mudder, 5km colour runs, marathon, 5 fruit & veg per day etc.
  • Flexibility and mobility exercises for rest days.


The list of what our coaching could include is endless because it’s all about you and can only be tailored to what works for you. Come and get some ‘me time’ with healthme and create a healthier version of you with our Personal Full Body Coaching.

NB: Coaching can be done on a one to one basis, in pairs or on a larger group basis.


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