Bridal Body Plan

Bridal Body Plan

From biceps to triceps, tummy to thighs and feeling great on the inside, the healthme Bridal Body Plan works hard 12 weeks before your big day to help you feel your best.

After all, when it comes to those wedding photos we all want to look our best and in future be full of heartwarming memories about how good we felt.


*Couples training also available*

12 week package: £1,650

  • Minimum of 24 Personal Training sessions (location variable)
  • Individualised exercise plan for sessions and at home
  • Nutrition analysis & meal plans
  • Daily support and research aids

Exercise programmes may include:

  • HIIT – High Intensity Interval training
  • LISS – Low Intensity Steady State Cardio
  • CrossFit
  • Boxercise
  • Developmental flex stretching
  • Balance instruction
  • Wellness recovery sessions
  • Bodyweight movement fitness with no equipment;
  • Tone & Sculpt
  • Running & Cycling
  • Nordic or regular walking
  • Legs, Bum and Tums
  • 15 minute speed sessions

All of the above could be done in private gyms*, outdoors, your home, place of work, local leisure centres* wherever you feel most comfortable and most motivated about meeting your goals.

*may incur an additional charge

 NB: exercising can be done on a one to one basis, in pairs or in a larger group.


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